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Vaping Fails || Do You Even Vape Bro?

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Focusse says:

Vape nation! (throws smoke bomb)

UGVapez says:

Are u looking for a channel of just your bunch of average vapers trying to become vape gods, if so come check us out! Are channel will consist of having vaping and chilling, hanging out at vape shops, hotboxing, and more. Thank you so much

Miika Palviainen says:

Umm I just got a dry hit so is my vape ruined now?I am new vaper so I don't know:/

András Dobos says:

things that ARE good ideas: vaping honey, vaping no flavour e-liquid to try its aroma

please notice that 'vaping hot sauce' was not mentioned.

Andy Griffin says:

That coil was fucked lol

Ashley Blake says:

We get it, you vape

FAZE FAN says:

I vape and I'm 12

Vincent Mercer says:

Even I make bigger clouds and I don't even Vape (I tried it on my uncles Vape)

Genkuro Shuriken says:

WTF???!!! Vape Hot Sauce??? Idiots!

Luis Correa says:

im 11 and i dont smokr or vape

J J says:

the mum at the end seems like a legend 🤗

La Paletera 24/7 says:

They cough bc the liquid is strong

D_PLOT says:

the second guy was the worst

anmol bamba says:

follow this page

TheLastNewbAlive says:

I started vapeing when I was 10

Username 654321 says:

This was hilarious

Benjamin Sorensen says:

Why the fuck is he vaping and smoking at the same time like TF

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