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These Roblox Kids Must be Stopped! (KISSING+ONLINE DATING)

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Idk grinding daily uploads u know

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Cringey lenny says:

I'm pinker than you.

Pessoa Rodrigues says:

Man on CBRO i never get a knive

GamerzProz™ says:

Your giveaways should be stopped.

Yoshimation says:

So do u just copy Tofuu and Ant?

Animator Alyssa says:

ey ant check out m9 jacobs video of "exposing" you lol these kids are such trolls

Jack Morrison says:

kid do you even play real cs:go?

Ariana Thumbnail finder says:

All of the girls in the club look like a shit ass

ScaleShot says:

what was that? 1:58

ScaleShot says:

pinkant sounds like he is faking his personality.

Q&q says:

wtf is this cancer ass shit
this pussy blocked me on a video game anyways this is what i wanted to say b4 u went full pussy mode
""Im a MLG person, Send me trades because I want profit!" cancer apple crumble crispy jew"

Catmaster YT says:

2:37 i g-guess you can fight by running like that at each other….creeps lol

BatRBX says:

1 like = 1 oder dead

karvane sniff says:

you need to be stopped


I was wondering if your shirt actually changes colors

live. me PriOry says:

pinkant i turned notification on ;)i love you and i jpined the group user name Desired_cup

Jay Galxy says:

imma join now c:

NameX says:

Oh, So you can OD in ROBLOX for fun. But they can't? You have problems

Chester Pham - Munden Park PS (1361) says:


The Saddist Meme says:

I think you forgot yourself in this list

Joe Bob says:

your shirt sucks and does not change color

Terry Evers says:

wtf what is taht's

Toadette Fan says:

You cant just say 'these roblox kids' when your a kid yourself and plz can you stop cussing on some vids

Martin Roblox videos says:

Pinkant your a kid so shut the fu*k up

I am 5 years old says:

hey stop clickbaiting please


Why did you kicked them you should have banned them from the place Like If you Agree

//M U S H//\E V A N\ says:

"kk" I think you forgot another k

ItzGabe says:

Obviously planned, all ears Chat, everyone would have fan boying, not.
Plus that place is always dead

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