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The TRUTH About Online Dating on ROBLOX

Thanks for watching! Remember to never Online Date on ROBLOX.
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ItsaGamer05 says:

I KNOW CowCow is right. ROBLOX does support ODers. If they didn't, ROBLOX wouldn't be making a TON of stuff like realistic hair and realistic bodies.(They have one with boobs) I thought this game was about "building anything, being anything", not "date anything, be a human" But does this really mean they support ODers? This isn't enough proof, right? Well I've got a little bit more proof. There are games like "Adopt and Raise a cute kid!" that always get on the front page. Some of these games even include thumbnails that include characters kissing. You would think ROBLOX would remove these games in a instant since they're on the front page, but they don't care. Sometimes they do get removed, but it takes weeks, even months for this to happen. I wish ROBLOX wasn't blinded by money and actually cared about their community.

ZtaticArtz ツ says:

well no shit dude.

Kusnadi Aliwikarta says:

I cant bealive the boy or the girl asked for sex. ._.

GoldenZone says:

I agree with you CowCow. ROBLOX do support OD'ing just to make money, ROBLOX doesn't care what will happen to the children they might get raped, killed , kidnapped, robbed, and even more. ROBLOX should do something about this, they could ban those type of people and when you report them ROBLOX doesn't care at all, they only care about the money. And even tho they have millions and billions

BoltzX says:

I didn't know people got turned on by pixels until now xD

SoszBoi321 says:


Gen_ Opticz says:

some dislikes are ODers

Hannasassy says:

i was in a game and randomly a guy with no shirt on started talking to me like if he was my boyfriend i immediately blocked him….

Big Boy Buu says:

What's cowcow's discord sever?

IHateEverythingAbout You says:

ROBLOX supports Online dating and online daters for whatever reason but you are right CowCow, ROBLOX is a dangerous game and it should be taken seriously.

Mi Oke says:

wait what does irl means?

SkyTron says:


bunny gaming 9009 says:

wait a secend in 4:05
are you send me a friend request greelegocats123?
because in roblox i have a friend request,it have a blue skin,orange shirt and short and i have many friend request looked like you but with different shirt

Handsome SpongeBob SquarePants says:

Roblox is a children kid friendly game and when Erik Cassel passes away roblox become worst roblox fired a lot of developers just like club penguin.Roblox is so greedy so that's why he removed tix and protecting ODers is because he want to make more money he don't care about his community just money when I created a t-shirt I got banned and the reason was innaopirite that doesn't make any sense my t-shirt name was ODer killer .

Ashley Rodriguez says:

About the shirt ROBLOX is retarded because, i had these pictures that are really funny (of my sister) and my mom said make a shirt of it and I told my sister if I can and she said yes , so I made the shirt, I was going to wear it and go to a game and tell ODers "this is what you could be dating right now one of you could look like this." Lol and ROBLOX banned the shirt and tried to ban me -_-

The Only Archer says:

I play on roblox without the sense of giving my personal info I would only give my real age or a fake age

BuildersEveryManioJackieVideos says:

Im Freaking Out
Im Saying In my Mansion


Jimzeyy says:

I mean if roblox keep letting this happen more and more parents and victims will report and Roblox might get shut down.

TheGuyWho never uploades Never says:

so. i guess 2 things… 1 roblox support ODing becuase wanna make money. or 2 if an admin or a mod is in the server the ODer be like OMG ITS ROBLOX OMG OMG or OMG HOW DID U GET THE THING BESIDE YOUR NAME!!! they try and act cool when a admin or mod i in the server or he or she wanna be brave and say these OD words about the admin or mod and they will most likely leave the game. well that's my way of putting it out to be shorter ROBLOX DOES NOT SEE THESE PEOPLE ODing IN THE GAME!!!

Mighty Chibi zone 105 says:


Allimama Miko Ormas sasa mike ermo says:

Yup. One day I was in roblox (I am 13 years old) and this "kid" was telling me he would tell me his age if I told him mine. Sense I am not a stupid person I told him I was 11 so that way I can dodge any sexual acts. He said he was 13 too and I started to doubt everything he said after that. He asked for my name and I gave him my real name, so I said my name (My name is Ecstasy.) He said his name was Davis and I said Okay. He told me to go into his house and into the bedroom. He started "effing" me and said 'sexi' so I left the game. I searched his Roblox name on google and it said he is a child predator who's name is Seb and he is 84 years old. Ever since then he was deleted from google. He hasn't been on roblox since.

Grace Angel RBLX and more says:

I almost forgot but what if siblings kiss me or stuff like that

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