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StoryTime: How I Met My Husband! (Online Dating Drama)

I thought it would be fun to do a storytime video and tell you how I met my husband using an online dating site. A lot of you have asked me to tell you the story of how Chad and I met, so here it is! There were a lot of bad dates, some drama, and some things I have learned along the way. We’ve been together since 2006 and have a solid marriage. We both spent a lot of time dating and really thinking about who we wanted to be with, so we didn’t take the experience lightly. In the video I share some online dating tips with you based on my experiences. I would love to know what you’ve been through with this whole dating situation…and do you think online dating works?

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Melissa Maker says:

What are you dating experiences?

Hariharan Balakrishnan says:

So adorable 😀

Karina Ferreira Sánchez says:

You are such a cute couple! 😍 Happy dating anniversary! 🎉🎉

Abhay K Baid says:

whats your favourite drink melissa?

sionv2009 says:

adorable❤️❤️ I'm not looking for a relationship right now but if I was, I think tinder and all that is an awful way to try to find someone to date. it's so shallow.

Miranda Green says:

I met my current boyfriend on plenty of fish as well!

Susie Q says:

Sooooo cute ! Is this your first kiss on camera???

FloresitaDeDios says:

I also met my husband online. back in the Aol days of chat rooms,..You've got mail lol. which ia one of my favorite movies. I went on some dates before with aome real jerks,etc.. yes I walked out in the middle of a few dates. with hubby funny that we stayed friends for years after as we were in different statesm He flew down from VA to FL to see a few times and I ended up dating a guy for a few years since the hubby was too far and then he was in a relationship. so needless to say 10 years pasted and we were both single then boom we began officially dating and well now going on 4years married this December 🙂

Susan Velez says:

What a great story, I'm 55 and look so young. I'm single and kinda lonely but I have not gone on line

Lynn S says:

Oy vey… sorry Melissa but 11 minutes in and this video is as boring as your dates.

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