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December 18th, 2016
Huge thanks to Michael Kelly for shooting our wedding!

Huge thanks to Josh Lovegrove for recording these wedding songs!

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Love you guys!!
Jess & Gabriel xx

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Johanne Kragelund says:

This is the sweetest thing in the world. i'm crying

Fatima Waja says:

Im so jelly in a good way 😢😢😢❤❤❤

Cleo Clee says:

That was adorable like litrally

Νεκταρία Καπλάνη says:

This is sooo beautiful! The way he looks at her…wow❤

Jordyn Valentin says:

I cried when I watched this you guys are so blessed and are a wonderful couple

Nanditha Sharath says:

Such a cute couple!!!!

Apeksha Nagrare says:

this is fucking beautiful😢
god please I need a partner like him 😭😭

nicole marie says:

i could watch this over and over i love you two💓

candy cane says:

Honestly u guys are my favorite youtubers… I just love your videos and I lust LOVE LOVE LOVE how cute u guys are together……u guys r just soooo amazing……much love and I hope u guys the best for everything. I was in tears watching this. Love u guys and stay beautiful

jalkah fierro says:

Such a blessing to have role models like you guys. This shows how waiting for the right one and knowing God's got you your perfect one will always work out no matter the circumstances. Literally balled my eyes out because of how beautiful and inspirational this is.

mackenzie forever says:

This was my parents wedding song!!!!

Genesis M says:

my eyes are peeing

Detina Rajpaul says:

I have honestly never witness something so intense and more so magical. It made me cry. The whole entire thing because I love seeing people genuinely happy after enduring struggles just to get there. This video was uploaded so long ago and it is only now I'm watching it.. I hope you forever stay in love, and grow more with the lord. I cannot wait for you to start a beautiful family. ..
Lots of loveeee. ❤⚓😭 -Detina.

Emily Johnson says:

December 18th 2016 was when my little sister was born!! Congrats!!!

Fuat Rhiyouhri says:

I hope one day i'll find my inspiration, you're such a great couple may god bless you

Ireen Chansa says:

He. cried so😃😃 cute…hope you guys stay together 😂😂 forever.😄😄

toolazaid says:

i imagine being there

Lilly Silver says:

OMG!!! U guys got married exactly where my mum and dad got married! Love u guys!!!

Kelsey V. says:

I just watched this for the second time since you've posted this and I just want to tell you this: the first time I saw this I just smiled the whole time and felt the happiness of you two and now the second time I just cried because it is so beautiful.. I can't describe it in words how it feels.. It is just more than beautiful.. Love you guys! ❤😘 x

Rachna Negi says:

The cutest couple….ever……god bless uh both….😘😘😘

Chandler Ari says:

This is the cutest stuff I've ever seen

Kat Marie says:

GABE MADE ME BAWL THIS ENTIRE TIME, gah I love this couple so much, you guys are literally the ultimate couple goals

Fatima Castellanos says:

My eyes started to water up, oh and who's watching in 2017

Lauren . Gracie says:

Beautiful truly, you guys are ment for eachother you guys are the happiest couple I've ever seen. Gabe, you open the door for her everyday and Jess, you make him laugh with your Australian accent. You guys are so beautiful together and should be named and marked as one 🌺💛🌸

R Ells says:

Who else cried???

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