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DEEP Chinese Street Food Tour in Beijing, China | BEST Unknown Street Foods + PEKING DUCK

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Street Food – Chinese Street Food – EGG Breakfast Jianbing – BEST Street Food in China.
Featuring all The BEST, HIDDEN, and DEEP Street food you can find in Peking’s Hutongs! Like the famous egg Jian bing for breakfast, and a giant, cheap Peking duck for dinner. We ate a lot of unique and rare Chinese street foods that you must try, all throughout Beijing’s Hutongs! I brought a long time friend – Chuchu, to join me for eating Beijing’s best Street food!

In this Chinese Street Food tour video, I’m going to take you on a food street journey to many delicious, mouthwatering street food places around Beijing, AKA Peking, in Northern China. If you’re thinking about traveling to China for the street food, make sure to come visit Beijing. You can enjoy unique Chinese street foods hidden in Beijing’s Hutong Alleyways and try some classic Chinese cuisine favorites like Peking duck AKA Beijing duck, Jian bing ( 煎饼) AKA Chinese crepes, and a ton of other hidden specialties.
In the past 3 years, I’ve shot and eaten street food around China, including locations like Chengdu, Lanzhou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing, Wuhan, Leshan, Shanghai, and Xinjiang’s Silk Road. So far, the street food in each of these locations has been the best street food around the world!

Chinese cuisine is so fantastic, it would really take a lifetime to eat all of it. I consider myself super lucky and fortunate to be able to live in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, eating Sichuan food and sampling food across the whole country whenever I get the chance. I’ve decided to stay living in China for another year or two or even more, shooting delicious street food in china for you and across asia as well!

Here are the addresses and locations and restaurant names for the Chinese street food I had in this Beijing travel video. Most locations were deep in Beijing’s Hutong alleyways!

1) Famous beijing breakfast Jianbing – AKA Chinese Crepe
2) Delicious Sesame butter porridge made from millet AKA Miancha:
3) Very stinky Douzhi fermented green bean porridge (even stinkier than stinky tofu!)
4) Organ soup and specialty Beijing zhajiang noodles AKA Zhajiangmian!
5) Beijing Duck / Peking duck!

My name is Trevor James and I’m a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that’s currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious .

I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I’m going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I’m going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.

Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below!

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The Food Ranger says:

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Rumix says:

O bağırsak bir şey mi mk. Gel sen Türkiye'ye sana bi kokoreç yedirelim

junaesi says:

to be honest i studied mandarin 1 year in beijing. it was awesome but the food theres some really good but what james eat really not that good and the taste really sour lol. but nice videos great.

True Deity says:

Some of the translations are kind of weird…

Tommy Yuan says:

I really shouldn't be watching this at 1am in the morning cuz now I'm dead hungry

ZIggy's Theorem says:

😂that guy just standing there feeling the money and watching you eat

Sahan Reddy says:


noodle… tea? I'm only a beginner at Chinese so forgive me if I only know literal translations.

Tara Bee says:

Not halal but still gave it a thumbs up 🙂

peterstang says:

Lovely food, lovely place and ChuChu is very beautiful.

Antonio Alcioni says:

I am so hungry now…and that's all your fault XD well, except for the intestins part ( i really don't like them)

moiseman says:

hmmm I can almost taste the sewage

Madlife Senpai says:

"It's not that bad, kmon"-2.3/10

moon loon says:

Anything he eats he loves it !!!

Bryan S says:

crispy duck Yum new subscriber :]

Damian Spaulding says:

Great show! I wish both of your voices were balanced more though. Her voice was too quiet through this episode but that aside: Not only are your videos a great exposure for great food, but it also helps to refresh my mandarin. Thank you so much!

David Gamboa says:

thank you, this was really enjoyable and educative.

mango mango says:

Shes cute….

Joe Blow says:

Subscribed. Just found you. Really enjoyed that.

Draqonish says:

I was binge watching these while on a water fast. Let's just say I didn't make it past day 3.

Darth Vader says:

wow, she is really CUTE. and some amazing food there as well.

a chinese says:

These are all my regular food, cheap and delicious.

Kembangster 102 says:

Seriously…………..,, LEGIT????.?…

Caesar says:

1:29 what did he said?

Michael Petty says:

had fun…too cool

brendanshepalo says:

sure you can speak chinese, but you can be excited in english pls its cringe

NoRerolls says:

WAAAAAT DAT Cheap? AT 2017??

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