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Becoming A Dentist

Students from Texas A&M College of Dentistry extend a welcome, and offer to help anyone interested in becoming a dentist to connect with the right people and programs to simply get more information, or to enroll in a predental program.

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Kunju SN says:

i have got admission for BDS through entrance exm… my Dream came true!!

GoKKKu says:

some really ugly bitches and brown turds, cant they find better looking ones

Abade Adam says:

Yeah white teeth and shining

ProtagonistNonTheist says:

At 1:23 I like how she put her mask on AFTER she put on her gloves which means those gloves have now been contaminated by her dirty ears and hair.

Samaantha Jones says:

Nice video! Thanks for sharing the video! For Family Dental in East Killara, visit:

Hits Blunt says:

I just want the money

RaHUL COVER Updates says:

read and comment on my facebook page and please don't forget to like and follow.
hope you find some useful information

latino redraw arthead says:

when I grow up i will be a dentist

Mazin Lakho says:

I wanted to become dentist but my future destroyed I am doing bcom pakistan

vivian Kamal says:

Am a semifinalist dental student

Arthur Bayer says:

My name is also Arthur

rmk vlogs says:

i nd some plz anbody can provide some info about studing dentistry from foreign country.plz help

Sarfraz Momin says:

there is no link to get connected )???

Phanom Raksaphanaphai says:

I am in Junior year studying Biology at Asia Pacific International University. I'd like to continue as a dentist. Can anyone recommend any process of doing that?

hayet betedj says:

Hello i'm from algeria i'm in my senior year and i have to decide whether to study medicine or dentistry here's the case: i love medicine a lot and it's my dream i feel like i can be good at it
But since my father is a dentist he want's to be dentist as well I'm really sad about it but here's my question :
Is dentistry similar to medicine
If i enjoy medical related topics will I enjoy dentistiry
If i persue dentistiry will i be way too far from my dream ?

paullath111 says:

I'm 16 and I want to know is I can be a dental assistant while in high school and how do I, if possible

Cumi Asin says:

cool ….

please see my campaign,

HarvardRadRes says:

I have joint/neck problem; should I then not pursue dentistry because it hurts neck? Way around this?

thestudent dentist says:

Applying for dentistry? My blog might help!

Sal Schlacter says:

cant wait to start first year!

Alex Steve says:

oral health can provide warning signs for other diseases or conditions.

isaac huerta says:

I wanna be an orthodontist but is cost 100k per year for the program in San Francisco. And they say its cheap compared to other schools!

Waza Nas says:

thank you for all the information. for years i have been want to be a doctor but now i have changed my mind, i want to be a dentist. what should i do first? i came from iraq 15 months a go and now i work on my academic english and soon i will finish it all. any advice, suggestion?


Does the shorter of the two girls in the video fancy the taller one?

zennie zen says:

dental school is expensive right?.. here in CA tuition is 100k a year

zennie zen says:

dental school is expensive right?.. here in CA tuition is 100k a year

QueenCoCoaMocha says:

ALL dentist must have perfect teeth

Noelle King says:

If you're a Dental Student seeking Dental Jobs in California go to This is 100% Free to job seekers, sign-up for Free Job Alerts, Free resume builder, and search for dental jobs in your area.

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