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Attorney Internet Marketing | How to Acquire 10+ Clients Each Month!

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OLA Tux Abitogun says:

The firth thing to do in marketing a law firm is to identify your 3 P’s. What is the product, people and process in law firm?

Kenneth Vercammen Esq. Edison says:

I watched this video to help me update my book the ABA’s ABA, “Smart Marketing for Smart Firm Lawyers”  a book from the American Bar Association. My staff implemented many of the ideas to improve our law office.  
Smart Marketing and the Small Firm Lawyer   List Price: $59.95     Author(s): Kenneth A Vercammen Sponsor(s): Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division Publisher(s): ABA Book Publishing  ISBN: 978-1-62722-484-0 Product Code: 5150468 2014, 156 Pages, 7 x 10 
Marketing is essential to the growth of any enterprise. There are many low-cost and no-cost opportunities that exist. This book explores today’s marketing landscape and outlines its many facets for you in concise and easy to understand terms  

Any business owner will tell you that marketing is vital to the success and growth of a venture, and a law practice is no exception! This book thoroughly explores today’s marketing landscape and outlines its many facets for you in concise and easy to understand terms. This book will cover:
*Creating a blog for free*How to leverage a wide array of social networking sites (like Facebook, Martindale Hubble, Yelp, etc.)*Best practices for marketing within the law office*Low-cost and no-cost marketing activities*Tips to increase your efficiency and reach*And more!
Included with this book is a helpful CD-ROM with digital copies of all the exhibits used in the book and the various websites that are referenced. Learn how to make the most the marketing opportunities that exist with Smart Marketing for the Small Firm Lawyer.
Praise for Smart Marketing for the Small Firm Lawyer: "Vercammen's new marketing book belongs in the tool box and library of every lawyer regardless of firm size. Ken not only tells the lawyer WHAT to do, he shows the lawyer HOW to do it."       Jay Foonberg      Author of How to Start and Build a Law Practice, 5th Ed
Smart Marketing for the Small Firm Lawyer Order details:
Service Hotline800-285-2221312-988-5000

Brendan Mace says:

I've seen a few people trying this!

Coty Adcock says:

You are absolutely right. By the way I am a marketer,and i utilize youtube for web traffic, and I believe this video is very informative. thanks. you can go to my youtube channel and learn more about how to harness youtube in order to benefit your web business (how to get unlimited traffic, boost income, views on your videos and much more…)

Zealous Influence says:

Great share Adam! Useful insights for attorneys on SEO. We hope your internet marketing services are still rocking!

LFIRE360 says:

Clicks in the Phoenix, AZ area are averaging $18 to $25. Thanks for sharing your tips for PPC campaign optimization.

Lawyer Video Marketing ™ says:

great video and reputable narrator… i also recommend viral high impact Ready Made Videos for personal injury lawyers. You just add your law firm phone number and or logo. The videos are in HD MP4 and are facebook and youtube ready….

VandaliZm says:

Hey there! Have you ever tried – Shumpana Amazing Facebook Dominator (google it)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my brother in law got excellent results with it.

small law firm marketing-attorney search engine marketing says:

Great video with very good tips.

Hollins Law says:

This video was great. You should do another one and really get into some specific techniques for fine-tuning a Google Adwords campaign. The webinars theat Google posted are painful to watch.  

Spook SEO says:

Nice video you got here! I have learned something new from this webinar. Thank you! I hope that there will be another like this. I also agree with you. 
Integrating multiple online marketing channels is crucial for success in
 today’s online marketing space. I will definitely check out your site 
and share this video.

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