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5 Mind Blowing Exotic Cars That Only Billionaires Can Own!!

Here is a video footage which shows 5 Mind blowing Exotic Cars That Only Billionaires Can own.
5 Mind Blowing Exotic Cars That Only Billionaires Can own!!

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DaWizard says:

Yeah I can't handle this fucking music or the ads

Mercury says:

5 cars. 18 minutes. Over 15 ads. Wtf?

Jungle Monkey says:

Just saying if anyone put starting times for each car they'd get top comment

Frizzable says:

this isn't the way to attract subscribers, which in return end up making you more money than running 18 ads on one video LMFAO

Platinum-Teca says:

I haven't went through an ad yet :/ and I'm at 16 minutes in

asher dopenes says:

Ads he's getting money don't watch ut

Capfox gaming says:

How many frincken ads can you use

Anonymous Mysterious says:

greats cars but fuck with your adds!

omglawllawl says:

Lol youtube red life. What are ads? 😀

Juan Garcena says:

Unlimited tv, more like unlimited ads

Steps says:

19 ads, and is completely drawn out. Could have made the video within 2 minutes

AUSTINtv says:

I didn't get any ads ✌🏻

Killcard101 says:

Am I the only one that had 0 adds. #MobileUser

abel jhon says:


I like Bananas says:

Fuck this I'm not watching one big fucking ad

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