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$20 Vape vs. $300 Vape

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$20 vape vs $300 vape
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Ryan Hall says:

Thanks for your support guys! Watch the whole video for info on the giveaway!

Eric Robuk says:

I got a question about vaping I was wondering if like you were to go and get a vape how would you know when to change your coil and like get a better Vape like what kind of deals do you guys give

Tommy Camaro says:


Ryan Hanna says:

When I went from smoking to vaping I bought an Eleaf iJust 2, I used it for about a month then thought I needed a big high wattage mod so I dropped over $200+ on a RX 200, 3 batteries, atomiser+coils and a ejuice. It was a nice setup but I ended up using the eleaf more when I went out because it actually fit comfortably in my pocket and the wismec didn't.

Logan Allred does every thing says:

Quit smoking me: nigga I'll always vape

Cherie Millard says:

#Dodge!! Thanks for all the information and keeping it real!

Alex Ramos says:

When you're at the store why don't you ever show what you have in stock

kutsvillie says:

Ryan Hall I love your videos I look forward to seeing your videos. I am trying to quit smoking cigarettes. By vaping can you give me some pointers. On how to quit

Special Trader RL says:

I got the 20£ one it's decent

Mark Macativo says:

I won't the pinker

Mark Macativo says:

give me the $20 vape

Kawaii Kiwi says:

I wish I was old enough to vape
I just grind rockets ( canadian candy it's called something else in the USA) and use a straw and suck it into my mouth and blow it out It tastes good

Gabriel repetto says:

wow you guys are cool in giving out good info telling people you do not need top spend money on a good vape. I started vaping back in 2010 while deployed to Afghanistan and I was using a little pen vape needless to say being a grunt vape was not enough and continued my two pack a day habit. got home and tried out the H-priv that I bought from a smoke shop bad idea ended up spending $200. and still did not know how to use it. after the H-PIV crashing from an update I went to a vape shop that was run by a mom and pop along with there very knowledgeable sons and had a better experience and only spent $30. for a Zenith JOY vape. I also love my $200. paper wight. I wish you guys were in San Francisco I defiantly would be going to your store and I would defiantly love to see if I can order some of the juice that taste like starburst down here they are always sold out. Oh and I have not smoked since 2014.

TNPsycho says:

Is he still doing the pre-made coils? I checked out the website and didn't see it.

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